Research shows that an essential factor for sales success is what psychologists callDrive. This critical trait is hardwired by adulthood, and cannot be improved with sales training. The job interview process must therefore accurately evaluate Drive to identify high-aptitude sales athletes and avoid underperformers.

Research shows that Drive is one of the toughest traits for interviewers to rate, and one of the easiest traits for candidates to fake. To make matters worse, unfortunately, many sales managers rely on a hunch or their gut instinct as opposed to applying the assessment science available to them. This ebook provides:

  • Psychological research behind the three elements of Drive . . . all must be present
  • A validated hiring process for selecting top performers
  • Key interview questions to determine if a candidate is in Driven

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Underperforming salespeople are perhaps the greatest cause of frustration to sales executives and financial loss to business owners. This ebook shows you how to hire "hunter" salespeople with the 3 non-teachable traits critical for success in new account acquisition. Sold elsewhere for $19.95, this essential guide is available as a free PDF download here for a limited time.


"When it comes to hiring salespeople, the cost of failure is simply unforgivable. There's no one better to provide direction on reducing that rick than Dr. Croner. Get this book. Read it. Use it."

Tammy Bitterman
Founder & Managing Partner
The Acceleration Group

"Improving sales forces productivity is one of the most powerful drivers of organic growth & share gain. This book provides managers with valable tools to impact this issue early — at the time of hiring."

Ross Rosenberg
VP, Business Development & Marketing
Danaher Corporation

"I read over 100 books on sales effectiveness a year and this book can save you and your company tens of thousands of dollars by preventing hiring mistakes. This book gives you a smart interviewing guide that allows you to look "under the hood" so you can find out what drives that person to win."

Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder & Publisher
Selling Power

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